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There are two ways for Chinese products to be sold internationally.

The first way is to “promote the high quality commodity to the world at low prices”, the second way is to “use the quality products’high value to attract the customers to buy it initiatively”. EON HOME was founded in 1983. With the spring breeze of reform and China being the membership of WTO, EON HOME became the second to none of the mattress domain, and its the capacity and scale also became in the lead in Asia. EON HOME have been the export champion for 16 years. In the past 33 years, EON HOME already used the first way to send their products to more than 40 developed countries and regions.

After the accumulation by many years, EON HOME’s products are better than any other mattress industries. In 2014, we started to work for our brand system actively, expand domestic market consistently, and already got some effect. We know that, to build the brand system is a long process and needs to work slowly. We always keep a lucid mind, use the high quality as our principle, use our popularity as catalyzer, focus on the brand’s individualization and differentiation. Our target is to become the world mattress brand.

In the near future, we believe that EON HOME will go into the world with its premium brand.

General manager

Robert Ho